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post-nano postmortem

so, final word count during the month of november = 37, 841 of not total crap.  but still not an official win.  darn you, christmas show, for having tech week right after thanksgiving!  i think i might post parts here and maybe also some commentary about what was going on during the writing of those parts.  but don't hold me to it cause i might not do that.


well, here it is day 13, and i am about 2,000 words behind if you go by the 1,667 words/day formula.  i feel like i'm in a tiny slump but this morning's writing went all right but i obviously didn't get enough words.  i have a production meeting this afternoon and should totally be writing up my shift plot right now, but i am stalling because i sort of hate doing shift plots.  i like having them, they are kind of the representative "stage manager" piece of paperwork and really very helpful, but  i hate having to do them.  they always end up getting redone like 5 times - they are NEVER right the first time and usually not the second or third.  probably sort of like a novel but way more boring to read.

day 5 nano update

so between the election (whew!)  and rehearsals (which carry cumbersome daily reports and production meeting notes) and the important everyday things like child care and eating, i have fallen behind where i should be on my word count.  but i'm happy with what i've written so far.

word count = 6099!!!  i only need to get up to 8335 to catch up!!!


nanowrimo begins!

here it is, the first 1735 words of my nano, and proof that i can make word count every day!  and the day isn't even close to over.

chapter one starts behind the cutCollapse )

so, it's good momentum to start with, and we'll see how the rest of the day goes.  i have rehearsal most of this week, so hopefully i can keep it up.

hello, my beautiful protein-folding game

O. M. G.

there is a game online, i guess made by some computer/biochem people from the university of washington where you FOLD PROTEINS.  it's called "foldit."  the cool part is that they use your results from playing the game to help computer-model the way proteins they are researching actually fold.  so when you play, you are helping science :)  or you can feel all right telling yourself that.  there's also a competitive element to it because they rank you based on a point system - the lower the energy in your conformation, the more points.  so you can go smack-talk the other science geeks.


embracing the insomnia

because it's the only way i could actually get through the month of november and have any hope for winning at nano.  seriously, it's like an extra 4 hours a day to write.  luckily my daughter still takes a nap in the afternoon so i can take a nap too if i get in the weeds.

so, nano.  how the heck am i going to write 50 thousand words?  i made myself enter a fanfic challenge-type thing so i had practice at a deadline and writing a bunch of words.  but that's like 5K, a mere 10% of 50K.  how????!?

on a completely different note, i have to go to concord mills mall tomorrow.  actually, i have to go to the honda dealership in concord tomorrow afternoon and there's no way i'm hanging out at the dealership with my 3 year old while they do the regular maintainence thingy on the car, so i'm taking their offer of a shuttle service to the big scary mall.  we will be visiting build-a-bear and hoping the stuffing machine will not make weezy cry this time like it did the first and only other time we went to build-a-bear.  it is kind of creepy, when you think about it.  sort of stepford/frankenstein bears.

ETA: she totally cried, but got over it quickly.

the nobel prizes are starting to get announced and i was happy to see that robert gallo (who essentially bogarted a strain of a virus from the pasteur institute in france and then declared he had discovered HTLV - which was the name for what ended up being called HIV - forgive me if the details are not exactly right) was NOT included in the hysiology/medicine prize.  that is what you get for stealing other people's research.  not to mention that little stunt cost out government 6 million dollars or so when it came out that he did it (after he got a patent on the virus for an antibody-based test; we had to pay the french government back royalties).  punk.

how much preparation is enough?

i love to think things through before doing anything about them.  so i am currently making little cards with plot points on them for my nano.  lots of little cards.  it reminds me of doing research term papers in college, only i have to make the stuff up instead of find it in big science-y books.  the best part of these little cards is that they can be re-organized if needed.  right now they're in a zipper bag, but they may graduate to a cork board if i can put it up high enough that a certain set of grabby 3 year old hands can't reach them.  but all these little cards make me wonder if i won't end up thinking myself into a corner, that i might lose any desire to change up major parts of the plot even if it would serve the story just because it's not in the cards, so to speak.  or i could be brilliant at little cards and do just fine, who knows.

icons - nanowrimo

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snag away, just credit, please!

geeking out

you meet the most interesting people at the theatre...one of my running crew for godspell is a biology teacher, as it turns out, and tonight she was lesson planning before the show started and i walked past and was like "the Krebs cycle rocks!" (well, it does) and we subsequently geeked out about biology and i actually ended up starting the show like 2 minutes late because i was too busy talking to go call places...oops.

anyway, now i'm worried i'm going to burn myself out on my nano if i plan too much.  it's very like me to worry, but not very like me not to plan if i have the opportunity to plan.  i love a good plan.  and sometimes i'm mostly okay if my plan crashes and burns, so why not plan, right?  i just have to remember that its over 30 days left till nano so i might need to pace myself.

and i would like to take this opportunity to express my love for daytrotter, super-cool music site; they might be able to take credit if i make it through nano.  they have free downloads of their own studio sessions with bands i heart.  here:  www.daytrotter.com/  

science vs. fiction

apparently i'm going to be using the month of october to do some hard-core biochem research so i don't look like an idiot when i try to explain all my lovely fancy ideas about hemoglobin.  i made it harder on myself, i think, because the person/people explaining are research scientists and the person they are explaining to works in hematology...hmmm...maybe i should put some non-science person in the room with them so there is a valid reason for the explanations to be less technical (= boring and wordy and really requiring diagrams).  i can't imagine it would be interesting to read a bunch of overly technical science crap about how hemoglobin works normally and then how my people can manipulate it.  that's right!  manipulating hemoglobin!  my main plot point is that there are people who can either manipulate someone else's hemoglobin (and for god's sake, i'm going to start abbreviating it - Hb = hemoglobin) or interpret electrical/electrochemical impulses from some else's Hb.  so these fancy people can do things like "hear" thoughts in close proximity, change someone's blood to rust goo by oxidizing the iron in their Hb (or maybe stanch massive bleeding in an emergency), keep them from carrying oxygen in their blood (or increase the amount of oxygen if they're being helpful), speed up the breakdown of Hb to build up catabolites and make someone light-sensitive, cure sickle-cell anemia, maybe even rework some of their Hb so the iron is replaced with magnesium and turn it into chlorophyll so they can make their own sugars for nutrients.  farfetched, yes.  but it amuses me.  i just have to figure out how to make it not boring!!

anyway, maybe i will try to post some simpler explanations of the science-y aspects on here as i go and try to get it nano-ready.  it would probably help me clarify and keep unnecessary words out of my nano.  and i can't believe i'm already trying to keep words OUT of  my nano.  how silly of me!